Mia loves Nose Butter

"From day one, I have loved Furr products! We started out with the Bandit mist. The natural flea and tick protection  left us amazed! The soaps are made with quality ingredients and smell sooooo good.  The product we didn’t know how badly we needed was the nose butter. When we adopted Mia she had the ickiest crust on her nose and nipples. The nose butter helped to gently remove all of it without hurting her.  These are the only pet products we use anymore," -Mia's Mom

Samson tries FURR

"Introducing a Bandit Mist from @myfurrpet.  This natural product is a spray which freshens up Samson and is also a Flea & Tick repellent!  Samson loved it so much he wanted more."

Instagram ~ @cutesamson

Bolt's experience with FURR's natural dog products

Bolt's dad talks about his experience with FURR. As a trainer and dog lover he can't get enough of our all natural dog products, and neither can Bolt!