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In years past, I had done the quick and easy thing and purchased an over the counter flea and tick medicine for my two cats.  After applying the medicine I went to work thinking nothing of it.  By the time I got home both of my cats were having seizures and need immediate medical attention.

I drove them to the emergency vet where I was told they did indeed have harmful toxins in their system that are commonly found in flea and tick medication.  I had no idea!  I was scared, shocked and so upset with myself for doing that to my poor kitties.  It was then and there I decided no more!

We are obsessed with our pets!  Yes a little too much...  But that’s how FURR started, with our pets in mind.  After many long meetings, hours discussing options and time spent on research and development (because let’s face it we are women and obsessed about everything) we finally put together a product that both you and your pet will love.  

FURR is all natural pet care products.  Enjoy an essential oil mist with a luxurious scents, natural soap, paw balms & nose butter.  As an added bonus we created the mists to also be a flea and tick deterrent so not only will they smell fabulous, they will be protected.  

After all they aren’t just your Furr baby, they are your family and deserve the best.  We hope you enjoy our products and can’t wait for you to see the results!  FURR the modern pet

local all natural pet company

local all natural pet company