Frequently Asked Questions

dogs health

What is the benefit of a FURR Mist?

Our mists provide aromatherapy benefits and protection as natural flea & tick repellents.  They also support healthy coats.

How do you use the dog soap?

Our soap is just that, soap!  Use as you would in the shower.  Wet your dog, slightly wet the bar of soap and scrub!  You can use your hands, a scrubber, or even a brush to really get down deep to the furr and clean your dog while making a mess of your tub.  You'll be happy you did.

What is paw balm for?

Dogs run, jump, sit, eat, do tricks and so much more all while standing on their feet.  We have shoes to protect ours and dogs have paw pads.  These pads overtime can become greyish, dry, cracked, and even begin to peel over time.  Our paw balm repairs that damaged skin with the help of nature.    

Is it safe if the dog licks it?

All of our products are safe if licked.  Knowing that once you put something scented on a dog, licking is often the first reaction, we developed safe formulas so you can feel good knowing you are helping your dog in a natural way.  

What is the benefit of aromatherapy for pets?

Dogs and cats have a highly developed sense of smell.  They can benefit from the natural ways the limbic system responds to various scents of essential oils.  The limbic system supports a variety of functions including emotions and behavior. Aromatherapy can provide grounding and calming effects while others may uplift and invigorate your pet.

How do the mists repel fleas and ticks?

Nature developed its own set of defenses against insects and pests, for example, roses have thorns to protect them.  Plants have developed oils with smells that ward off insects, including fleas and ticks.  FURR uses the essences of these natural oils and their scents to aide in pet protection.